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After a glorious two nights in Papageno Resort we traveled from Kadavu island back to the main land where Suva is located. Instead of taking the sketchy plane back we decided to have a new experience and take a ferry. Originally we signed up for a 5 hour ferry ride on a beautiful, newly remodeled boat that would take us all the way to Suva.

That is the farthest thing that happened.

Apparently there was an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that resulted in tsunami warnings. Again, this is something I didn’t tell my mom about so that she wouldn’t be worried.

So there are tsunami warnings, right. Well this means that instead of sending the nice, remodeled ferry, the industrial/cattle/immigrant/transportation ferry came instead and it was absolutely filthy. Due to the tropic storm warnings we boarded the ferry at 9 AM in the morning as to avoid traveling on big waves in our motorboat.

The ferry is the most disgusting and germy environment I have ever been in my life. There were live pigs tied to poles on board. And the bathrooms were so overflown they had to lock the doors to prevent people from trying to use them even more. We were able to get a “lounge” room which basically meant 10 bunk beds for all 22 of us.

The tropic storm got so bad that the ship had to slow down and even then we were rocking back and forth in HUGE waves.

This might by too much information but the waves were so big and the storm was so bad that I got extremely motion sick. Even after taking Dramamine I threw up FOUR times.

FOUR TIMES guys. Four times on a disgusting, filthy boat where everything smelled like oil, pigs, body odor, and goats.

Luckily sweet Karaline was there to hold back my hair, rub my back, give me wet wipes, a mini toothbrush, water, and gum while I was sick. She’s a real angel I tell ya!

And one final fact that makes the boat ride all the better is the fact that we didn't get off the boat till 12 AM.

That's right we spent fifteen hours on the boat.

Honestly I haven’t been more scared than I was during those fifteen hours. Just knowing I was sick, on a foreign rundown boat where I can’t understand half of what anyone is saying around me, surrounded my animals, in the middle of a tropic storm is really quite frightening.

I said many heartfelt prayers during those fifteen hours and I truly know it is the strength I received from my Savior that helped pull me through. It is He that calmed me and gave me peace during such a terrifying moment. And it is He that sent whispering thoughts that everything would be alright if I would just have faith and hold on a little longer.

I’ll never forget my fifteen hours on that boat.

This experience is truly what has brought the group together as one. We served each other in those hours offering what food, medicine, and blankets we all had.

I don't know… sometimes I can’t describe moment so close to the heart.