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Those Business Finals

The struggle is real guys. 
I can officially say that I am done with my junior year at BYU. Done with those massive business projects, reports and analyses. Done trying to pretend that I actually know how to do a VBA module and actually understand what an SQL does. But hey, being a business student and working through the Tanner Building grind has taught me a lot about life. So here is my list of ten things I didn't learn in a business lecture but I have learned purely from being a business student.
  1. Become friends with someone from each business emphasis. Those accounting students are valuable in group projects.
  2. Just because you aren't an accounting student doesn't mean you can't mooch off the free hot cocoa provided by Deloitte. 
  3. The epitome of lazy is when you take the elevator from floor one to floor two. Take the stairs ya bum. 
  4. You come to a point when you have to recognize that your best is going to have to be enough. You will always be better than someone else but someone else will always be better than you.
  5. Always do what you can do and showcase what you know. Don't ever just give up, TA's give partial credit right?
  6. Sometimes it is necessary to spend more time figuring out how bad you can do on a final (and still maintain your grade) than you do actually studying for the final. Priorities people!
  7. Always celebrate personal victories. Seriously though, what a huge accomplishment to me is an easy task for another. Still, you have to take time and recognize how far you've come.
  8. Get a LinkedIn profile and actually check it more than Facebook. Trust me on this one.
  9. Business ratings aren't everything. 
  10. Trust your abilities. It's cliche but cut me some slack. It is so easy to feel inadequate but you've gotten this far and you have to trust that you have what it takes to pull you through the rest.

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