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Dresden & Freiberg, Germany

Gotta admit, Germany has surprised me! I really didn't know what to expect from Germany. We traveled to Dresden during the day and then stayed in Freiberg at night. During the first day in Dresden we were able to walk around the city center, tour several different cathedrals, walk through the town's fair and travel to the top of a bell tower to view the city in it's entirety. We were constantly on the go and reverted to eating street food both days. But hey, taco wagons are always better than Mexican restaurants right? I'm going to assume the same goes for bratwurst. 

The next day we woke up bright and early to do temple work at the Freiberg LDS Temple. It was interesting to be able to experience a temple overseas. It is so beautiful that the ordinances are the same no matter where you travel. After we jetted back to Dresden for the day. We toured the Semper Opera House and the Dresden Courtyard. A group of us decided that the best way to see the rest of this beautiful city was by bicycle. Really, best idea so far. Riding a bike was extremely nice for many reasons. First of all it was a much needed break from walking; second, we were able to cover a lot of ground and see more of the city. We stopped at Pfunds Dairy, the world's most beautiful dairy. The inside of the store was incredible! The walls were decorated in porcelain. What was even better than the beautiful store was the delicious gelato. It is only been 4 days in and I have already jumped on the gelato train. It's a good thing I went running after right? But in all seriousness we went running through the alleys in Freiberg at sunset. The view was breathtaking. The quaint town homes paired with the sunset colors was like a scene from a movie. Now, it is time to bid farewell to Germany for a quick detour to the Czech Republic and Austria. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Tropical Island Resort