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Geneva, Switzerland

It has been a short little visit with you but I've liked you.

We left Bern this morning to head to the Olympic Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. There are a few kids in my major who are in love with the Olympics and are aiming to work for the Olympics someday. I've always thought the Olympics were cool but it wasn't until after visiting this museum that I fully understand their obsession.

This museum really opened my eyes and gave me a greater appreciation for the Olympics. Even as a dancer I felt I could relate personally to Olympian athletes. No matter what the area of expertise is, every athlete or dancer or artist is striving for one thing - human excellence. My favorite part of the whole museum was learning about the Olympic motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius". Which translates into "Faster, Higher, Stronger". This motto is an expression of excellence not the glorification of performance or victory. Faster is related to the spirit and to study. Higher is the purification of the soul. And stronger is related to the body shaped by sport. I love this motto because it is about giving ones best and improving and striving for perfection on a daily basis. See why I am in love with the Olympics now?

After our museum visit we drove to our hostel in Geneva. Currently there is a huge festival in Geneva so I spent the night exploring the city of Geneva and seeing the United Nations headquarters with my favorite Canadian Rachel. It was great.


Paris, France

Interlaken, Gimmelwald & Bern, Switzerland