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Last spring I met the powerhouse boys. How we all met is actually a pretty funny story. Madie, Kathy and I had nothing to do so we made a joint decision to go to Sonic. I pulled up to the drive-in and rolled down my window. Just as I was about to place my order, a greasy tater tot came flying into my car and landed on my dashboard. I picked up the tater tot and threw it back. I never thought that the boys I was in a food fight with would become some of my closest friends.

Sonic really kicked off our friendship. That summer we dubbed ourselves as the The Jet Crew and went on loads of adventures. We road tripped to Idaho, perfected the art of making french toast, went to every fair in Utah Valley, played a countless number of night games and literally swam in every body of water Utah has to offer.

Even though we have all been through quite a bit this school year the friendships still remain. It's bittersweet to see how this summer is going to be so different for all of us. Dan's birthday celebration was our summer hurrah before everyone either leaves out of the country, gets married or starts a new job. So heres to the powerhouse and all the memories made.



You Can't Sit With Us