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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was interesting. It was really such a beautiful city to "czech" out (see what I did there?) but gotta admit, not entirely my favorite. Don't get me wrong the city was beautiful, b-e-a-u-ti-ful. But because the city attracts so many tourists it also attracts a lot of slums. And personally that is not really my thing.

The first day we arrived in Prague it was pouring rain. As a group we threw on our coats and trekked over to the John Lennon Wall. It was cool to visit a tribute dedicated to such an amazing musician. After visiting the wall we hiked over Charles Bridge to take a boat tour of the city. The boat tour was very "educational". Actually thats just a nice and positive way to say "this boat tour was slightly miserable because I could one - not understand a word due to the tour guide's thick accent, two - I was drenched, 3 - I was freezing and the complimentary ice cream they provided was not entirely ideal, hot cocoa instead please! Like I said, the boat tour was "educational". I did, however, learn some great random facts about the city of Prague and its history. After the boat tour a few of us walked down some alleys till we found a warm, cozy wine cellar to eat at. I was able to experience a typical Czech dish, goulash, which is basically beef with dumplings. It was surprisingly good! We then ventured through Old Town Square and to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower to get a look at the entire city. On our way home we stumbled upon the Viva candy shop. At the candy shop we talked to the two rock candy makers. Both of them were the kindest people I have met thus far! It was so fun to talk to locals and experience the Czech culture as it is today. We had such a good conversation with them while they made rock candy. At the end they let us help chip the rock candy into pieces when they finished making it! This was my favorite part of the entire day. Being able to form friendships with others overseas seriously makes me so happy. Say hello to two new friends in the Czech Republic!

On our second day in Prague we ran into the Global Management study abroad students at the LDS church. It was so fun to walk into the church house and see some familiar faces from the Tanner Building! After church we were visited the Prague Castle, traveled to The Powder Tower and visited the cutest Shakespearian Bookstore. The bookstore was hipster central. However I loved being able to visit a place loved by locals and get away from all the tourists for a brief moment. Sunday was calm compared to other days I have had here. It was nice to take things slow, have some deep conversations and even just sit on a bench by the river. Like stated before, Prague was definitely fun to "czech" out.


Salzburg, Austria

Dresden & Freiberg, Germany