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Salzburg, Austria

When I first learned that I would be going to Austria I thought, "Why are we going there? What is even in Austria? Why don't we just skip Austria and spend more time in Italy?" Boy, was I wrong. Austria is breathtaking! Seriously it has blown me away. The people of Austria are kind, the scenery is gorgeous and it all feels so fresh.

We had a nine hour bus ride from the Czech Republic to Austria. We drove straight to the Hallstatt Salt Mines for a business tour. The drive there was gorgeous. Think Lake Palisades but ten million times more gorgeous! The second I stepped off that tour bus I was able to get a big breath of fresh, crisp air. It was so refreshing to step away from busy cities and be in nature. As a group we were able to visit the salt mine and learn more about its history. This salt mine is the oldest salt mine in the world and is still in use today. It was a really neat experience to go so far into the mountain. They even had slides in the salt mine! Following the salt mine we traveled to Salzburg. We had the most amazing dinner at Die Weissen, a local pub popular amongst young adults. We finished off the night with more gelato - of course - while walking around the streets of Salzburg. 

Day two started off with The Sound of Music Bike Tour. A group of us scheduled this bike tour over the bus tour and it was seriously so worth it. I'm all about the bikes these days. What made this bike tour even better was the fact that Zoe and I were able to ride a tandem bike together. Admittedly we struggled riding the tandem at first and came close to crashing multiple times. It probably didn't help that the brakes didn't work. Anyways we survived. I loved being able to see the city of Salzburg and all of the sites where The Sound of Music was filmed. The rest of the day was spent shopping, more gelato, and dinner at a cafe.

I am absolutely in love with Austria. It honestly has taken me by surprise! Also random side note, I fell off my bunk bed last night and I definitely have a battle wound on my leg to show it. I guess I should stop volunteering myself to sleep on the top bunk? 


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