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Venice, Italy

Venice is just too perfect. Either that or the Venetian in Las Vegas did far too good of a job recreating Venice. I seriously had to remind myself that the blue sky above me was real and not painted. Venice is a place that I have always wanted to visit. It was one of the top cities I was looking forward to and honestly, Venice and I are perfect for each other. I loved every second of it.

The first night we arrived in Venice we explored the city, ate delicious pizza and gelato and roamed throughout the alleys. We went to Piazza San Marco at night. The square was lit up with so many city lights. There were several talented classical musicians playing in the square as well. It was fun to walk by the water, embrace the warm air and listen to such beautiful music. I always enjoy taking the first night in a new city to get acquainted with the area and explore.

The second day in Venice was a dream. We wandered up and down random alleys finding different shops and boutiques to look at. For breakfast I had the best fruit and yogurt parfait that I have had all trip - yay for fresh pineapple! And for dinner we ate at this delicious Italian pizza cafe that was highly recommend by locals. After we went on a gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

My two days in Venice were simple but beautiful. The city is stunning. I found myself wanting to take a picture at every corner. I had to remind myself to put down my camera and just enjoy the natural beauty of the city.

Really, I am in love with Venice. Please don't make me leave!


There are Buddhist munks sleeping at the same hostel. There have been a few awkward encounters when we pass in the hallway.

Florence, Italy

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