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Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri has been an adventure!

We left Reykjavik after attending church in the morning. It was a long drive to Akureyri but we made it! When we finally arrived we had dinner and then went for a walk on the bank of the city's lake. This whole light at night thing is really throwing me for a loop. It will be 11 at night and the time won't even phase me. I keep thinking it is earlier than it actually is!

The next morning we were able to sleep in and then go running along the edge of town. After our morning jog we played some classic cabin games of pick-up-sticks and chess. We stopped at a few boutiques before we headed out to ride Icelandic ponies! Okay technically they aren't ponies and I guess Icelandic people don't like their horses to be called ponies. But there is no denying that Icelandic horses are smaller in size than the average horse in America so in my book they can be classified as ponies. Riding the Icelandic horses was a blast! We were able to gallop and trot through rivers and beautiful flower fields. My horse, Nota, was the sweetest horse but also very adventurous. Basically, she was my mane gal! Notice that horse pun I just threw in? I grew up riding horses in the summer with my grandpa in Island Park. It has been a while since I have been on a horse and so I thoroughly enjoyed today's adventure. It took me back to so many fond memories.

The night was spent watching the USA soccer game against Ghana of course. Go team USA!


Seydisfjordur & Skaftafell, Iceland

The Golden Circle, Iceland