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The Golden Circle, Iceland

Okay first of all can we talk about how awkward this photo is? I mean what are Jenn and Lo doing with their hands? It is one of those photos where the more you look at it the funnier it becomes. 

Yesterday was a big day! We packed up and left Reykjavik and headed to see Iceland's Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is a route in South Iceland that leads to three of Iceland's must see locations: the Geysir hot spring area, the Gullfoss waterfall and the Thingvellir national park. Before we started the tour we stopped at an Icelandic wool outlet. I bought the most beautiful wool blanket I have ever seen. It is funny how you as get older you are more inclined to buy home decor instead of clothes.

Anyways, we headed to our first stop on the Golden Circle - Thingvellir national park. This national park is unique as it shows a natural crack from the separation in tectonic plates. It is also where Iceland was established. Following we visited the Geysir hot springs. I grew up going to Old Faithful in West Yellowstone park. I'll admit that the Geysir hot spring did not disappoint! The Stokkur geyser  explodes every 3 or so minutes. When we were watching the geyser explode there was a sudden change in the direction of the wind. This wind change made the water from the geyser fall onto the entire group drenching all of us! A few people ran away from the wall of water when they noticed the wind change but others were not as quick. We had a good laugh!

The last stop was my favorite stop in the Golden Circle - the Gullfoss waterfall! This waterfall is huge and totally out does Niagara Falls. We were able to walk up right next to the side of the waterfall and feel its mist. Pretty neat gotta admit. Before we headed in for the night we made a pit stop on the Icelandic coast. Really the coast is stunning and shows Iceland's beauty. 

Iceland is an interesting country in a lot of ways. For one thing it never get darks. I wasn't really expecting that, I guess I didn't know what to expect from Iceland really. Just know that there is no sunrise or sunset. And, your body has a hard time telling whether it is is two in the afternoon or 10 at night because the sky looks exactly the same. The sky never sleeps!



Akureyri, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland