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London, England - Part Two

Portabello roaddd, portabello roooad!!! 

Okay if you didn't get that movie reference then you need to have a "movication" because Bedknobs & Broomsticks is a Disney classic.

The third day in London was spent at the Portabello Road markets. The markets were so much fun to walk through! There are so many unique boutiques and shops. It was fun to see all the antiques and little trinkets. We spent a good four hours at the Portabello Road market and didn't even get through half of it.

After the markets we went to Pret A Manger for dinner and had famous Ben's Cookies for dessert. I went to Mamma Mia! that night. The musical was amazing and I had awesome seats. Really you can never go wrong with ABBA right?

The next day in London we traveled to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards. Man those guys do not break character. They seriously do not crack a smile! Impressed? I say so! We headed over to church at the Hyde Park chapel. Church was amazing, it was nice to finally attend a meeting in English. We rented bikes and rode them through Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. I loved being able to be outside in the sunshine with the rest of London. There were so many people outside roller skating, playing croquet and having picnics. Biking is my absolute favorite. Everyone in the states should consider making it the main mode of transportation.

The end of the bike ride led us to Abbey Road to recreate the iconic album cover from The Beatles. Trying to recreate the photo was kind of difficult and extremely hilarious. Abbey Road is actually a very busy street in London and we nearly got ran over five times. No biggie right? Then we had another photo shoot at Big Ben and The London Eye. You can never have too many photos in London! We had dinner at Giraffe and then had FHE in Hyde Park by the Prince Albert Memorial.

I think I want to live here in London someday. Actually I know I want to. It is all just so lovely!


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