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Paris, France

Oui oui to Paris!

Paris is a love/hate relationship type of city. You either love it or you either hate it. And I loved it! After every day in Paris I found myself saying, "Dang guys, what a successful and amazing day!"

 I started my first day in Paris at the Louvre seeing the Mona Lisa, The Dying Slave, Venus de Milo, The Wedding Feast and other famous works of art. I'm an art geek so the Louvre was my heaven. After being at the museum a group of us traveled to the Love Lock Bridge. I locked away my heart! Ya, I have no idea to whom but for now Paris has the key. After our visit to the Love Lock Bridge we ventured to the Arc de Triomphe. I was able to go to the top of the arc to get a better view of the city. The Paris skyline was like a scene from a movie, I fell even more in love with the city! After we picked up some macaroons and went over to the famous Eiffel Tower. Up till this point I had seen the Eiffel Tower from afar but not up close. Being able to see the Eiffel Tower in person and stand under the tower was incredible. I loved being able to sit by the Eiffel Tower, eat macaroons and embrace Paris. That evening my study abroad group met with the Paris YSA Ward for a fireside put on by Dr. Hill, my professor and director of my study abroad group. Following the fireside we visited Notre Dame and the Sacre Coeur cathedral. After everyone hung out by the sparkling Eiffel Tower for the night.

Random side story but while at the Eiffel Tower we met some best friends from Australia. They both are in their mid-fifties and have been best friends for 25 years. One of them has cancer and only has weeks left to live. So in one final celebration of their friendship the two decided to travel throughout Europe together before the one has to go through her last round of treatment. I loved talking to them and hearing their story. It helps me to reflect on the friendships in my life as well as the friendships I am forming here on this study abroad. I hope that I am like these two ladies when I am older - so full of hope and positivity with a deep appreciation for life and it's meaning.

I was beat the second day in Paris. It was one of those mornings where I slept through 3 alarms and still woke up tired. We had a business meeting with the Disneyland Paris Vice President about the history of Euro Disney. Following our business visit we were able to spend the day in Disneyland Paris! Disneyland Paris definitely has a different feel to it than the original Disneyland. Still we had an amazing time and enjoyed the different twist each ride has.

The third day in Pars was just too good. We woke up early to see the Musee d' Orsay impressionist art museum. Really guys I am an art geek. Like big time. This museum was just too good for my soul. I loved being able to see Van Gogh's self portraits, Monet's floral paintings and Degas' dance class collection. I seriously can't even describe how in love I am with this museum. Favorite museum of all time? I think that is a safe thing to say! Once I finally came down from my artsy cloud nine I met up with some girls at the Eiffel Tower. Together we grabbed some crepes and jumped on a train to Versailles. It was pouring when we got off the train so we found shelter in the nearest Starbucks. Hey we figured a rainy day in Paris with chai tea is better than a sunny day in Provo so we welcomed the downpour. When the rain lightened up we walked through the gardens at Versailles (let them eat cake!). Following our little walk we traveled back to Paris, did a little bit of shopping, picked up some gyros and gelato, visited the Eiffel Tower one last time and then journeyed back home.

Au revoir to Paris!


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