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The Sea Arches, Iceland

Today we left Skaftafell early in the morning to head to Reykjavik. Along the way we made a stop to see the sea arches. It was a quick little stop but it was nice to take a break through all the long hours of driving. While we were at the sea arches we would see how close we could stand to the ocean without getting wet from the waves rolling in. As a group we all underestimated one wave that was a lot larger than we thought. In an attempt to not get wet we all tried to run away from it. However, Madison and I were standing a bit too close to one another and totally collided. Let's just say that my head is stronger than her bottom lip. Ouch! Once we arrived in Reykjavik we had dinner and then walked up to the church. A few of us were able to go to the top of the church's tower and get a view of the city and its colorful houses.

At night we had one last meeting as a group. We were able to come together once more and bond. This meeting was so bittersweet. I love everyone so much and have grown in ways that I did not anticipate. I'll admit it is always hard for me to write posts like this because how do you even begin to describe and put in words the way you feel towards a group of such phenomenal individuals. It's going to take a bit to write and right now is not the best time.

Tomorrow we begin our long trek back to the states. Until then, stay classy Iceland!


Stay Gold

Seydisfjordur & Skaftafell, Iceland