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Be Happy For Others

Being happy for others. It's a hard thing to do for sure. I remember when I was little I was jealous of my best friend Madie for her accomplishments in dance. I distinctly remember my mom sitting me down and teaching me that I had a choice. I could either be happy for my friend and continue to be her friend as a result. Or, I could choose to not be happy for her but as she continued to find success, my resentment towards her would grow till eventually our friendship would crash and burn.

Boy, am I grateful for a mom who taught me that lesson early on in life! I'm far from perfect - I can assure you - but I do like to think that I am a person who can be genuinely happy for others. Actually I know that a lot of the happiness I feel in life doesn't generate from within myself but the happiness I feel when I see others who are happy.

I get happy for happy people.
It's like a thing in my life.
And I think it needs to be a thing for more people.

Like I said being happy for others can be hard. It requires self-assurance so no comparison is made between you and the individual.

For example, I chose to be happy for Madie in the success she was achieving in her dancing. And she was happy for the success I found in pageantry. But we never compared our successes to each others because you can't. You just can't. There is no right success or wrong success. And just because someone has a success in one area doesn't mean you aren't successful in that same area. People are different. Our success are different. But, we are all successful. I believe everyone is phenomenally successful, no argument about it.

So why can't we be happy for the successes others find in their life?
Life is already hard enough. Let's not make it harder for others by not being happy for others.


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