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Cheers to America

Cheers to America!

Okay can we talk about how much I love America. But really I love America. And I know it is like the "cool" thing to love America but I've loved it since the day I was born. So yeah I guess you could say I'm claiming hipster status when I say I loved America before it was cool.

I think the true test to see if someone loves America is when you ask the question: Do you love the 4th of July more or Christmas?

My answer? 4th of July. Easy.

Don't get me wrong I love Christmas. But I love Christmas time, it is my favorite holiday season. However as far as actual holiday day? I like the 4th of July more than the 25th of December.

Anyways, I'm glad we could establish my love for America.

4th of July celebrations start on the first day of July for me. You know, gotta celebrate America week! Especially since the World Cup is happening right now. Prior to the 4th of July the girls and I went to a firework show in American Fork, had a classic all-American meal at In N' Out, visited the food truck roundup, bought an American flag, roamed the streets on the July 3rd, had delicious Texas Twister drinks and got our game on at the "social seven"... Not really, but ya we like to think we fit in with that scene.

On the morning of the 4th I floated the Provo river with a my brother, cousin and a few friends. It was frigid but totally worth it! After the girls and I invited some friends over and had a BBQ and pool party at Ashlee's. Of course the pool party was complete with Rocket popsicles and a solid game of melon ball. In the afternoon we went to the Vivint party - again totally our scene - and then watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. We topped off the night with an intense roman candle war.

So yes, I think it's safe to say that this 4th of July was exactly my cup of tea.

Happy 238th Birthday America!


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