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Park City Chicks

Park City chicks, Park-Park City chicks....


Chels, Litia, Mads and I all ventured up to Park City for a night out. Sometimes you just need to leave Provo, get some fresh air and just breathe. Plus all of us are so busy that when we do get time together we have to make the most of it. 

During the winter I was in Park City literally every other day to board. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I would dive up to meet my best friend on the mountain. I've missed it. Park City is such a beautiful place and Provo Canyon definitely has a special place in my heart. 

On our night out we went down the Alpine Slide, visited the boutiques on Main Street, ate delicious dinner at Squatters Pub and topped the night off with caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. After we journeyed up to SLC to visit some friends and play a classic game "What Are The Odds."

Ultimately I am so grateful for these girls in my life. It's interesting how we all came together. Each of us were floaters and somehow by the grace of God we all floated together. These ladies have been an answer to so many prayers. I know that the Lord is always watching over me and is so very aware of my needs. 

Yes, all of us girls are so different and sure we all have our little tiffs. But at the end of the night we make a great group of gals and I would do anything for any of these ladies. 


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