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That Thing Called Family

This past weekend was both an extended Kern family reunion and immediate Arrington family reunion! Double whammy.

All of the Kern cousins gathered together to celebrate Grandma Kern's 90th birthday. My Grandma Kern is seriously the sweetest and most inspirational woman I have met. I truly look up to her in so many ways! And gosh dang it is she healthy. Seriously, I hope that I am as healthy, vibrant and alive as she is when I turn 90!

After Grandma's birthday bash my immediate family took family photos with an actual professional photographer. Okay this may seem insignificant but the fact that we hired a photographer is a big deal! My family has had a bad bout of trying to get away with not hiring a photographer but let's face it, Sears photography and self-timers just don't cut it! The family photos turned out awesome and I am actually really excited about the photos. Now I have legit photos I can post on insta for bragging rights.

The rest of the weekend my family spent time together eating delicious meals and playing a variety of games. We are huge, H-U-G-E gamers. We love card games specifically and get really into them. A family favorite is The Great Dalmuti, classic I tell ya. We also rented a crazy-fun, giant water slide one day! It was a blast and you couldn't even keep the adults from going down! We also had a great Arrington Badminton Tournament. I was on Team Girl Power with my sister and we made it all the way to the semi-finals until we got slaughtered by Team Genius.

Overall, I love my family. And they love me too.... I think?


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