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Those 24 Hours

Oh Rachael...
I am so #blessed that I met this gem Fall semester in the Jr. core business classes. We got "stuck" together in a group project and bonded over our mutual lack of interest in doing the assignment. Ever since that great night of our procrastination realization we have become solid friends.

Winter semester rolled around and let's just say that a lot of crazy things happened that semester. It was the semester that, as lame as it may seem, I lived by the phrase YOLO. And that stupid, overused phrased (that I'm ashamed I even admitted I used) got me to do a lot of stupid things. Emphasis on the word a lot.

Let's start at the beginning.

I moved into apt. 113 of The Village - gold polka dot walls and all. There I came even closer to my friend and now roommate Rachael. We laughed, we exercised, we ate (a lot), we cleaned (also another thing we did a lot), we met a lot of people (and I truly mean a lot) and we also went on a lot of midnight adventures with the new people we met.

In Rachel and I's friendship there is a little something that we refer to as "those 24 hours". And the funny thing is that we both know exactly what 24 hours we are referencing. Because in those 24 hours we had never felt more alive, wild, free and young as we did right then. Those 24 hours were a crazy whirlwind and defined everything it meant to be a reckless college student. Those 24 hours are something I look back on, remember, and laugh about. And the best part is Rachael and I documented the whole thing via Twitter & Snapchat.

 In those 24 hours Rachael and I went camping with a bunch of 18 year olds. We had a bonfire, played with a mini horse, and ran into one of our exes. We made two rounds to the cafeteria at the hospital (yay for Oreo milkshakes!), both failed our finals we studied for five hours for, celebrated the fact that we both failed our finals with Swig cookies and drinks and a BYU baseball game. We kissed boys from the UVU baseball team and "borrowed" their jerseys, ended up at an Olympus High School reunion, stalked Miss Teen Alabama for a solid 45 mins (and we totally do know why) and had two of the best car dance parties I've ever had in my life. Rachael and I have come to the conclusion that we should't be left alone together for very long.

All I can is Chloe and Rebecca.... Man, those two made a great pair.



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