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You taught me so much. And I am so grateful for your impact in my life. 
My feelings towards you have ranged from a passionate love to a deep hate.
But in the end you taught me more than I ever imagined. And now I know you came into my life for a very specific reason.

It's funny how time brings perspective.

For 6 months I hated you. I was angry at you and mad at the world. Not my brightest moment in life but I learned a lot.
I was bitter. You never fulfilled your side of the promise.

But then on the most unexpected note, you called.

I didn't know at first who you were. But I recognized your voice. Your very distinct voice. And then... it all came back to me. Every emotion flooded in. 

I was overwhelmed.

You apologized.

Not for somethings but for everything.

And then suddenly it was all okay.
It was all let go.
And I was healed. 

I've never been more grateful to a person than I am to you. 
For teaching me a lesson of forgiveness. 

Thank you.


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