My travels, thoughts, memories, and love all in one place. Life documented as a twenty-something.


On August 12th I turned the famous age of twenty-one. It was a reverse golden birthday to say the least.

You kind of do this reality check type of thing when you turn twenty-one. Well at least I did. And I'm sure someone out there in this crazy world did the same thing. Twenty-one is kindof like a big deal, only kindof. And its kindof interesting how so many people celebrate their twenty-first birthday going bat crazy. And although I am sure the second I get back to all my ladies in Provo they will make me do something crazy for the lack of crazy things that happened on my actual birthday, I am so happy with how my twenty-first birthday was celebrated.

It was kindof lame gotta admit. Okay, not even kindof. It was lame.

The only exciting thing was eating crepes at Smitty's Pancake House after sleeping out on the tramp with Madie and Kathy. The rest of the day was filled with dress rehearsals and practices for the Miss Idaho Falls competition.

But being here in Idaho during this time, away from all my friends in Utah has definitely given me so much time to think and to reflect. Every year you learn so much about who you are and so in celebration of my twenty-first birthday, here is a list of twenty-one things that my twenty-one years here on Earth have taught me about myself, life and humanity as a whole.

1. I've learned that it is totally okay to cry. Sometimes the best thing is to let the tears roll down baby.

2. I've learned that when you start finally living your life right, everything falls into place. Obvious I know, but I had to learn this one the hard way.

3. Over and over again I am constantly reminded of the importance of forgiving freely.

4. I've learned that listening to Bon Iver makes me sad and that I need to stop listening to him when I am already sad because then I'm just a flat out hot mess.

5. Something I have to keep being reminded of is to "loosen up". And this reminder constantly comes from two of my very best friends - Madie and Kathy. Two of the most "go with the flow" type of gals I know. Gah, everyday I strive to have more "Hawaii" in me to balance out my inner "New York".

6. I've learned that sometimes girls are mean but a majority of times they are actually really nice and you can't always resort to the first accusation.

7. I'm grateful that my mom and I are friends and have a very healthy, strong relationship.

8. I've learned that I need to be more patient with myself, old people, little kids, the male population.... basically more patient.

9. I've learned that I am not the same person I was in high school and that I am very okay with that.

10. I've learned the importance of making your siblings your best friends.

11. Recently I've learned how to be more spontaneous and carefree. A little more reckless please, am I right?

12. I've learned that the dating scene in Provo is wayyyy out of whack but what it comes down to is that everyone knows it is out of whack so you just have to go with it. Everyone dislikes it just as much as you do.

13. I've learned that cancer sucks.

14. I've learned that the arts really are a huge part of my life for forever. I've seen how the arts have healed me and I aspire to help the arts help heal the world.

15. I've learned that no one lays in their bed at night and thinks of ways they can maliciously ruin your life. People are nice creatures that just happen to do mean, selfish things sometimes.

16. I've learned that I like almond milk more than real milk.

17. I've come to the terms that I don't actually like fries that much, I just really really like the taste of fry sauce.

18. I've come to the terms that I'll never be that cool girl who has a thing for soda... I just like plain water with a touch of lemon juice too much.

19. I've learned that Heavenly Father really is smarter than you and you really just gotta trust Him. Because years later you will look back and realize that it wasn't all random. He had a plan all along.

20. I've learned that everyone worries way to much about Instagram. And ya I admit it, I probably worry way too much about Instagram too.... that is something I am working on. Caring less.

21. I've learned that warm apple crisp with cold vanilla ice cream truly can fix anything.


August birthdays are by far the best. No arguments about it.