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Boys of Fall

Dear BYU,

My freshmen year I hated you.
My sophomore year I appreciated you.
My junior year I began to like you.
And now as a senior, I am in love with you.

I guess you could say I'm oddly into school spirit now and with every passing day I am prouder and prouder to be a true BYU cougar. But ya know what they say, 4th time around is a charm right?

And since this year is my last round of firsts, I am determined to make the most of each moment. So here is a quick memoir to my last first BYU football game of year and what is even better is BYU had a solid win against Houston, 33-25. Needless to say I am looking forward to a full season of cougar tails, tailgating, corn dogs, and those Friday night lights. So rise and shout because these cougars are out.

By the way, my boys better play football. Just saying.


Shred Till You're Dead

We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday