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Light Up The Night

Event planning. It's what I do and a huge part of who I am. This year I am an Executive Director in Activities with BYUSA. Basically... I plan parties for the entire university. This outdoor concert, Light Up The Night, was my first event of the year. I have been so excited about this event, I mean who doesn't love outdoor concerts!? The event was so successful and well attended. There were 750+  students not including general public. The event ran so smoothly! It's funny because my friends commented at how calm I was during the event. But what it comes down to is that this entire event just came together so nicely that there wasn't a whole lot to stress about. 
Hailey Billiat was my event lead for the concert. Hailey was phenomenal and incredibly easy to work with. She was always on top of things and made sure everything was in place. Because of her hard work we were able to secure the Riverwoods for our location, schedule 3 amazing bands (Foreign Figures, Furies and J.Wride), give out free caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, handout free glowsticks and a have a bomb Photo Booth. Hailey also made advertising a breeze, something I typically dislike doing.

So huge shoutout to everyone who came, the amazing bands, Hailey Billat and all the volunteers that made this event possible!
Good music, good company, good vibes. 


Location: The Riverwoods                                                       Bands: Foreign Figures, Furies and J.Wride                                   Treats + Gift Basket: Caramel apples c/o Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory                                                                        Photo Booth: All Occasions Photo Booths                                   *All activities free including glowsticks

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