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We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

We, The Chandeliers, have established a few ground rules about our new home:
- Donuts are always an acceptable breakfast choice
- We have an open door policy and we love random visitors
- Everything must be spray painted gold
- Chips & salsa trump all other midnight snack options
- Lipstick is a must for all parties and social outings
- If you're going to listen to Sam Smith, he must be listened to at the loudest volume possible

Basically, The Chandelier House is a never-ending party. And this past Saturday the eight of us actually hosted the One & Only 7th Tri-Annual Chandelier Shin-dig. It was the perfect party. The polaroids, the tea lights, the bonfire, the balloons, the salsa, the outdoor couches, the donuts, the music, the glitter, the drinks, the chocolate fountain, the dancing, the birthday cake...
You get the picture.

During my time at BYU I have thrown quite a few parties, and while they have always been well attended, I have never had 200+ people at my party at one moment. But on Saturday night we did. Our party was a hit and a huge success!

Granted there are eight girls living under one roof but really people, this party was epic. All of us wanted to throw a party for so many reasons mainly focusing on Dani's birthday and the pure fact that our house is finished; so of course we wanted to invite people into our new home. We have worked extremely hard on the house - repainting, renovating, moving the furniture, decorating... We've invested a lot into our home and it shows. It made me so happy to invite my friends (and the new ones I made that very night) into my home to foster friendship and to just have fun 'cause weekend.

So here is a shoutout to all who were in attendance, all eight of us loved having you! We are so glad you love our new home and invite you to come visit us anytime. Literally, open door policy people. Huge congrats to Dani Van Wagoner for turning 23! And a final celebratory toast to all the many more parties ahead of us girls at The Chandelier House.


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