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The canyon. Especially this time of year. Man, is it beautiful! Like every other girl out there, fall is by far my all time favorite season. Hands down. I love the colors, the crisp air and the sense of change. Fall is a new slate. Go ahead and call me basic ;)

I've made it a point to go up the canyon as many times as possible. I think it is because I know this may very well be my last fall here in Utah. And Utah is beautifully stunning. I've rode on the Sundance lift ride, hiked Stewart Falls, driven the Alpine Loop, taken fall photos and had a picnic up the mountains. 

The Saturday after Homecoming week I needed to be grounded. I was coming off of an extremely stressful and hectic week. Madie saw this and worked her magic to make it possible for the both of us to go climbing up Little Cottonwood canyon. We had the absolute best day together filled with chai tea, Whole Foods meals, shopping at Lululemon and then climbing with a solid group of friends. 

Being able to take a moment to step away from it all was the remedy I needed. To deeply breathe, celebrate the touch of God's creative hand, to ground myself and be surrounded by friendship... It was all too perfect.


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