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True Blue

True. Blue. 
Let's address how my hands were stained blue for days after this event. I was practically a member of the Smurfs family! But can we also address how incredibly FUN this event was!! True Blue is a huge event due to its high attendance, popularity and scale. This event is unlike any other BYUSA event and I feel so lucky to have been in charge of this one. True Blue pushed me as an event planner in many ways. Since True Blue is so unique I had to deal with crowd control, risk management and grounds issues that I normally never have to face. Luckily I had Rachel Swendsen as my Event Lead and she was AWE-SOME. Seriously so on top of things. Not once did I have to send her a reminder, she always had everything done before I even knew it needed to be done! Because of her hard work, True Blue was a huge success and ran so smoothly. 

This year we were able to do three slides instead of two. We created t-shirts to hand out to the first 350 students in attendance. The shirts were white with white printing on the front with a logo spinoff "Do The Blue" inspired by Mountain Dew. We wanted to do the white on white printing so when students slid through the blue foam the shirt would dye blue and reveal the secret message. The shirts were a hit and everyone loved the creativity. We had around 1,500+ students at the event, everyone enjoyed the blue dye! I know my favorite part was being able to play in the foam with all the volunteers before we had to clean up!


Location: Helaman Fields
Provided: 3 blue foam slides, DJ, 350 free t-shirts, water station, shower station

First Flight

Oh, What A Weekend!