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ROTC Military Ball

Men in uniforms. I faint at even the thought of it! The talented Rachael was asked to plan BYU's ROTC Military Ball this year. Which, of course, means I'm her right hand gal for the night. We have this unspoken agreement between the two of us that when we aren't busy planning our own events, we are dedicated to helping each other with theirs. And it always works out so perfectly because Rachael and I bring such different strengths to the table and man, we work extremely well as a team.

I loved being able to assist Rachael with the execution of this event. She did such an amazing job and I am honored I was able to help with the finishing touches. The ball was held at Zion's Bank complete with a live jazz band and catered desserts from Marvelous Catering. My favorite part of the event was the lounge vibe we were able to create with the highboys and couches.

The night was a huge hit, all participants were raving about how elegant the set up was. One officer even stated that the event was similar to what is done the national level. He proceeded to state he has "never been more proud to wear his uniform in the past 15 years than he has tonight". When he said that both Rachael and I got the chills. His statement captures what I believe event planning is all about. It is an opportunity to serve others and create memorable experiences, even if it is only for one individual.

Honestly, its events and nights like this that remind me that I truly love what I do. So for right now, I am raising my glass to Rachael for a job well done, to a rewarding event and to the many more events to come.



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