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The Halloweenie Monster Mash

Oh Halloween! I have this theory that Halloween is one of those holidays where it is fun during different phases of your life. Well at least that is how it has worked for me. To me Halloween is a lot like a pair of overalls. Overalls were all the rage when I was a child, totally uncool when I was a teen and have made their comeback during my time as a college student. As a child I looked forward to Halloween, I mean free candy right? In Jr. High and High School, Halloween turned into that awkward holiday where I was too cool to dress up, too old to trick & treat and at that point, no one really knew how to throw a good party. 

But as a college student, Halloween is F-U-N. Like a pair of overalls, wearing a cool Halloween costume is totally in! I absolutely loved planing BYU's Monster Mash. Ana Chavarri and I revamped the Halloween event from a dance party to a day-time carnival for the students. It was a hit!

Ana, her stellar committee and I planned all types of delicious treats including chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, popcorn and hot cocoa. On top of that we had a balloon artist + magician combo, a costume contest (props to Alice & The Madhatter!) and haunted laser tag. Because of Ana's handwork this was the Halloween carnival of the year, obviously!

In addition to all the cool events planned, our creative advertising included a free concert in the WILK the day before. Declan O'Rourke, our performer, is an Irish singer/song writer with a voice sent from Heaven. Declan is this Josh Groban / Damien Rice combo, and lets be honest... you can't get a better combo than that! Really friends, I am giving a public service announcement by saying you all must go download his music! You won't regret it. And what is even better than his angelic voice is his bomb personality. I had the opportunity to introduce Declan O'Rourke to the crowd. Prior to doing so, Declan wrote down an introduction for me to read in front of everyone. The catch is I couldn't read the intro until I was on stage. In the introduction he wrote a whole paragraph about how I personally loved him oh so very much! After Declan's concert he gave me a signed CD for the kind words I spoke about him in the intro he wrote for himself. What a guy!


Halloween at BYU is epic. I have never seen more creative and full-out costumes in my life than I have during my time at BYU. 

Location: The Wilkinson Student Center
Activities: Haunted laser tag, balloon artist + magician performer, costume contest, photo opps
Food: Doughnuts, hot cocoa, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies

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