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12 Days of Chandeliers

I never wrote a Thanksgiving gratitude post. I mean I wrote one but it was never published... And it isn't that I am an ungrateful human being because I have so much that I am grateful for. To say the least, Thanksgiving was just plain hard this year. Plus, coming back from Thanksgiving break is always hectic and crazy; it is the end of the semester filled with finals and papers. It is quite an art if you are able to mix holiday cheer into such a stressful time and I admire those who successfully do so. Admittedly this post probably makes it seem like I was able to achieve this but lets be honest here, I had way too much fun. And as a result I spent more time figuring out how bad I could do on a final, and maintain my grade, than I actually did studying for the final. I'm a procrastinator like most, but never in my college career have I ever procrastinated my finals this bad... case of "senioritis" I guess.

But my girls, my chandeliers, made this holiday season the best one yet. All eight of us made a huge effort to celebrate the little holiday things together regardless of our busy busy schedules. We had a gingerbread house competition, several Christmas parties, gift exchanges, filmed a holiday music videos, had our Christmas roommate sleepover and watched Home Alone who knows how many times.

So in the midst of this holiday time I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for my Chandelier ladies, for the nights filled with 4:30 am laughter, for the warmth and love our home holds and for love and support we endlessly give one another. Thanks for keeping me somewhat sane (or being just as insane as me... who actually knows?), for making me eggs and bacon before I take 3 finals straight, for embracing my dream to be Mariah Carey and putting up with my "Mikyla" moments when I just gotta do my thing.

Love you all so much.


Shoutout to Brandon for almost winning the "MTV gingerbread house cribs competition edition" with me! I'm sure Kim and Kanye love the new Egyptian inspired summer home.

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