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I go through this constant battle every day I walk into the Tanner. I'm at this point where I can't help but think "Man, I can't wait to finish these business classes!"

And even though its only the first day, I pull out my planner and count the 14 weeks till it will all be over. Till this semester full of financial forecasting and risk management plans has passed.

And then I think "dang! I'm only halfway through the academic year!"

And then my second thought is " dang... I'm already halfway through this academic year!"

And although it is so hard and more than anything my strongest desire is for it to be break again, I don't want it too pass too quickly.
Because Senior year flies bye.
Sometimes you want it to go faster and sometimes its a "hey, wait. stop going so fast. wait."

Guarantee I'm going to miss it all. Miss being in school. Miss walking across campus. Miss the library. Miss BYUSA. Miss the cramming.

I know I'll miss all of it, even the parts that I hate.

And so for now I'll strive to enjoy it. Because all too soon it will all be over and I'll be walking across that stage in my cap and gown.


I mean... I am stoked because at least I made it through my last first day of a semester without being given a wedgie or shoved into a locker. So that's an accomplishment.

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