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Twenty Fifteen

If there is one word I hate in the english language it is the word comfortable. I believe you should never be comfortable with how things are. There is always room for improvement and growth. In fact, our whole purpose here on Earth is to progress. I believe we should always be striving and working for better and to be better. I guess I just associate the word comfortable with complacency.

Looking back over twenty fourteen I see how different this year has been from past years. I grew up a lot and finally started living to say the least.

This year I found a new zest for life. I decided to leave comfortable behind. I decided to start living every day to its fullest and seeing the world for what it really is, opportunity and growth. And everyday I wake wondering when this new found zest will fade and it never does. Odd? Yes. But I'm so happy it has stayed.

As I think about all that twenty fifteen forecasts, I recognize a lot of what have been my long-term goals will naturally be accomplished. For example graduating from BYU. It is bound to happen this April. But the thing is, I don't want to comfortably let these long-term goals just happen.

I guess I recognize my attitude is everything in regards to these long-term goals. I know so many people who saw graduation as a scary thing. As a result they self-limited themselves in their own fear. On the contrary, I know others who saw graduation as an exciting thing. They saw it as an opportunity for a new adventure. I choose the second.

So as twenty fifteen hits I have decided to not make a plethora of specific new year goals. Instead I have chosen a governing value I want to live my life by.
This year I want to be courageous. 
Quite honestly when I think about graduating and leaving behind a life I am so familiar with, initially I am scared. But everything I have ever wanted and worked for is on the other side of fear. So I want to push myself in these last final steps of the race to be courageous and achieve what I have always dreamed of. 

Because I believe you can either be comfortable or courageous, but you cannot be both.
I choose to be courageous.



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