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If you know me,  you know I'm normally not one to go and blog away about my daily activities. For the most part this blog has been about my travels, the events I plan and my life philosophy. But today, this post, is totally about my Valentine day activities. Because lets face it, my Valentines was just TOO good to not post about. So if you're sick of hearing about Valentines, well then I give you permission to skip this post. 

The day started out with a breakfast run to Kneaders with the one and only Josh. Talk about sweetheart right here. He spoiled me with chocolates, flowers and my new favorite pair of sunglasses (pictured above - he did good am I right?).  Seriously such a gem! Following breakfast we wrapped up our morning date outside in the park before Josh had to head up to work. This February weather has definitely not felt like February. And secretly I'm loving how beautiful it has been outside. 

I spent my afternoon taking a much needed nap (when are naps not needed?), finishing up one final test assignment (hoorah!) and then went on a run to go visit my best friend at her new job at Ivie Juice Bar. Okay #realtalk right now, I am not a runner. Especially an outside runner. I mean I can hop on a treadmill at the gym and pound out 4 miles but running outside is a whole new story. I have this fear that if I go running outside I'll keep running away from my house and push myself to the point of exhaustion. Then I'll be so exhausted and so far away from my house that I'll have no way to get back to my house... I know its dumb okay! Anyway my point is I ran a solid 2 miles outside and I'm pretty proud of myself. 

After my successful run, I went to a partner yoga class at 3B with my best friend (yes, we did wear matching lulu outfits), and then went to Station 22 with my girls. We party hopped after and finished the night off painting our nails and having some quality pillow talk. 

I know this probably seems like a pointless journal entry type of blog post. I guess today is just a day I really want to remember. I loved today. Lately I've been feeling like time just needs to slow down. Its already February and I only have a few more months left before graduation and then who knows what happens after I walk across that stage on April 23rd. This Valentines was quite honestly the best Valentines I have ever had. I truly felt love received and given from/to my family, my friends, and my Heavenly Father. 

Basically this day is one for the books.


Mads and I had an impromptu pink wall photo shoot. Isn't my best friend stunning!? 

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