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Ever since last June my sister has been trying relentlessly to get the rest of the family to move to Arizona. Well after this weekend I now understand why...

Honestly this trip could not have come at a more perfect time. We had been talking and talking about a sister trip to Phoenix but it wasn't till the snow dump on Provo that I bucked up, bought a plane ticket, and ventured to a warmer climate.

This weekend has been such a wonderful getaway. Its like the mini spring break trip that BYU has never given me. Plus being with my family is exactly what I have been needing. 

The sister trip has been full of shopping (obviously), driving the mini cooper with the windows down, lemon water, soaking some serious rays, hiking, playing with the little kiddos, and blue skies. 

It's practically summer here. And I never want to leave. 
Maybe I should move to Phoenix?

Oh and if anyone is wondering, DON'T watch the movie Noah. Trust me on this one - like crazy rock monsters and ish. Just go read the Bible. 



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