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Last Wednesday night, 1:30 AM, I'm at VASA gym walking on the treadmill while on the phone with my mom. And I'm bawling. It was one of those moments when you just wanna throw your hands up in the air and yell "You win. I give up."

Senior year is legit crazy guys.

And I know I've posted comments about senior year in the past so like blah blah blah y'all get it by now. I guess I just feel this responsibility to prepare my readers for their senior year because I'm feeling like nobody ever prepared me.

In high school senior year was a breeze. Almost a joke. I mean I had already been accepted into BYU, had already taken my extremely hard AP classes as a junior, had already taken the ACT and fulfilled my credit assignments to graduate. Senior year in high school can pretty much be summed up in two words - pottery class.

And thats what I thought senior year in college would be like. But it's hard. But fun. But hard... really hard.

Senior year is your 60 page capstone project, your 40 page internship overview. It's 15 hours a week of BYUSA, it's 30 job applications all requiring different 750 word essays, it's planning a study abroad for 22 people, it's living with 7 girls under one roof, and it's taking a second job at a juice bar cause you have no idea why.

It's having homework parties with your best friend and then going to the gym at 2 AM, it's ball caps cause you haven't washed your hair in 9 days, it's rolling your windows down while racing around town to get your errands done.

It's breaking into Park City Mountain Resort to do your homework on their computer half way through your ski day, it's starting a ten page paper 8 hours before its due, it's no makeup, it's repeating the outfit your best friend wore the day before. It's taking a nap at 7 PM because somehow you manage to fit 27 hours into the day and seven at night seems like an appropriate nap time.

It's college.
And eff it's crazy. But it's fun. Trust me, it's fun.

Senior year is just making things work.


Yes, the video is a snap story Mads and I recorded driving home from one of those 2 AM gym seshs I mentioned.

Hoku was hands down the best female artist to ever grace the early 2000's. If you don't know anything about her then you I feel sorry for you cause you totally missed out on the "greatest two-hit wonder" there ever was. But you're welcome cause all you need to know about her life is here and the greatest song she ever wrote is here.

You Always Do