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Dear Freshmen:

Quite honestly this is a blog post I have thought about for a very long time. And now that my finals and presentations are all over *cue the cheers*, I finally have time to write this letter to you. Because with graduation literally tomorrow I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to pass forward the wisdom I have collected from my four long years here at Brigham Young University.

To start...

1. Once upon a time I used to run to class if I was going to be late. Yes, I was THAT girl. And really I don't want you to be THAT person so I'm telling you this now. Don't run to class. If you're late, you gotta just accept the fact that you're going to be late. Lets think about this logically. You can either quickly walk to class and show up when you show up OR you can run to class with your backpack bouncing every step and then spend extra time right outside the classroom door trying to catch your breath so you don't walk in panting and all sweaty.
I guess if that scenario doesn't convince you just know you look like an idiot when you do.

2. If you end up in a major in the business school you gotta learn the TNRB elevator etiquette, cause guys there is like legit elevator etiquette in the business school. Ain't no one take anything lightly in there! First of all, always let those in the elevator out before you go in - common sense right? And secondly, only take the elevator if you are going up to the 3rd or 4th floor. Trust me when I say everyone secretly hates the person who gets on the elevator to only take it up one flight. You slow everyone else down and you're flat out lazy. Use the stairs man!

3. Buy an ugly sweater. Provo has this thing for ugly sweater parties during Christmas and you'll end up going to a million so suck it up and get a really rad ugly sweater the first time. That way you're set for every ugly sweater party for your next 4 years in Provo.

4. It can be way inconvenient but suck it up and schedule an appointment with the TA. You'll get the assignment done in half the time with their help.

5. Make smart friends in your major. Gotta admit it's those accounting boys I flirted with in the pre-req course that got me through the rest of the business core. Really though they're mini Einsteins over there in the accounting major and they understand everything. If you keep tight ties they'll end up inviting you to their study groups and boom, you're set for an A.

6. Take your hardest classes first. I have so many friends who kept putting off the classes they didn't want to take until their senior year. But you lose steam man, take your hardest classes first and get them out of the way.

7. There will come a point when you've studied so hard for a test and you leave the Heber J. Grant testing center only to find you scored a 42%. It is during these moments you HAVE to realize you are so much more than your GPA. Yes, always try your best and commit yourself to your education. But the world doesn't change with test scores. It is people who are nice, charismatic, and dedicated that succeed.

8. Become friends with teachers in your major. I had the blessing of landing a TA job with an awesome professor, and former department chair, in my major. I worked so hard as a TA for 2 years. As a result the professor I worked for wrote me a bomb letter of recommendation and helped me secure a job planning a study abroad for my major. On top of that, he personally introduced me to company CEO's at conferences which was a key factor in securing my first big-girl job.

9. Life gets crazy and as a result you won't always be able to camp out 2 days in advance for a sporting event. Sometimes you end up on the top row of portal ZZ. It is during these games that you learn your favorite part of a football game is the "costa vida wave".

10. Graduation - the announcements, the cap and gown, the commencement, the photos, the walking... do it all! It seems a little "high school-y" sometimes but just soak it up. Graduating is a big deal and having the limelight on you for your graduation weekend is worth all those long hours in the library.

So there you have it. But remember that on top of my 10 tips, embrace every second of your time at Brigham Young University. Because BYU is unique. And being in college is hard but flat out fun.
Go get 'em cougar.