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Today was my first day in Fiji! And after a long 13 hour flight, today has been the most perfect and relaxing introduction to this beautiful country. Upon arrival we were greeted by Anthony, our guide and owner of Tamarillo Active Travel. Anthony has worked with BYU in the past to created educational programs packed with extreme, adventurous activities.

Anthony is all about providing native experiences away from your typical touristy sites. Instead of hitting up the beaches this morning (we will later), we ventured to a native fruits and vegetables market. Anthony challenged us each to talk with the locals and learn about their business and individual lives. Madison and I talked to Sarah and her grandmother, both native Fijians from Kadavu. Sarah is helping her grandmother sell coconuts here in Nadi as it is a family business.

I will say the pineapple slice I had was absolute bomb. And I am a pineapple critic! Following the market, we came back to our resort, swam and laid by the pool, and then ventured to Mecca for dinner. And when I say Mecca I am referring to the golden arches of beautiful McDonalds. Yes guys, we had McDonalds in Fiji. I guess we all just recognize that tomorrow we venture out to several Fijian villages so we needed one last American meal to send us off on our way.


Vacalea Village, Kadavu Island, Fiji