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Guys, I used to not like BYU.  

But this year, I have grown more than ever to love and appreciate this wonderful university that has given me so much. Because I am a BYU student I have been able to gain a phenomenal education in the Marriott School of Management, rub shoulders with incredibly talented individuals, develop my own talents, strengthen my testimony, explore the world... the list never ends. 
I never thought I would feel this way but I am beyond proud to be a Brigham Young University cougar. 

One thing that has definitely made my BYU experience is the student association. Its so cliché to say but its true and I'm a testament that getting involved totally makes a difference. It has for me. The individuals and people I have had the opportunity to work with have changed my life. I love my BYUSA friends.

Yesterday was the Pass the Torch ceremony where the old BYUSA officers initiate the new officers into office. Watching Brandon Sookhoo pass the torch to Brennan Staheli was one of those reflection moments. You know, one of those reflection moments when a simple thing like passing a stick thats on fire holds much more than the actual task of passing a stick thats on fire. Its pretty interesting how during these reflection moments in our life we realize how much emotion we actually have for something. And its during these points that we have a mid-moment crisis because we don't want it to end. Nobody ever wants anything good to end. 

But time and place for all things, right?

I have loved my time as a BYUSA Activities Executive Director. I have loved the friends I have made, the leaders I have worked with, the activities I have planned and the experience it has been. 

So although its sad that my time and place is practically done - I am excited. 
I am excited because it means next year's officers get to have the BYUSA "time and place" experience. 
I am excited to be able to share this experience with others. 
And, I am excited because it means a new "time and place" experience for me. 


No one will ever love Taylor Swift's 1989 album as much as we, the BYUSA 2014-2015 officers, do. But really though... on repeat all day, er' day. 


You Always Do