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Life has been so crazy busy these past last weeks of the semester. But even though I've been swamped with final exams, graduation, and prep for the South Pacific study abroad, I knew I had to make time to recap my favorite event from my year as an Executive Director in the BYUSA Activities area.

I was given the opportunity to plan BYU's Unforum. Everyone knows what Unforum is but the thing is you just don't realize that you know what it is. So, let me courtesy explain what it is so we are all on the same page.

Devotionals. BYU has devotionals every Tuesday at 11 AM in the Marriott center. It is during this time that we have spiritual and religious speakers. Then there are the forums. Forum is the same time and setting as the devotionals but instead of religious speakers we have speakers talk about nonreligious topics like the constitution, America's history, etc. 

And then there is Unforum. It's the "not-forum". Unforum is the big end of the year pep-rally/glorified high school assembly/university performance. 

See, wasn't that helpful? 

So Unforum. I was able to plan Unforum this year with two of the most amazing event leads - Taylor Skinner and Karli Nielsen. 

The three of us had a blast planning Unforum along with our committee comprised of our closest friends. Even though Unforum is the last event of the year and on the last Tuesday of winter semester, we started planning this thing back in November. 

Seems like a lot of time but we had a lot to do. But honestly, everything fell into place. The theme of "Be Unique" was the perfect fit and all our presenters, videos, and speakers could not have come together more perfectly. 

One special aspect of the performance was the student showcase the girls and I put together. Since our theme was about being unique we really wanted to showcase unique student talents here on campus. In January we held auditions for unique talents and from there we were able to select two gymnasts, a beatboxing flautist, a hula-hoop dancer, a magician, a yo-yo extremist, a ballerina, and a nationally acclaimed baton twirler. We held practices every Thursday night and I was able to select the song, set lighting, and choreograph the entire routine. 

After the Unforum performance I had so many faculty members and students rave about how great of a show it was. The student showcase was such a hit as it is something BYU has never done before. 

After a whole semester of working with these kids I have grown to love and appreciate each one. Each student has so much talent and was so easy to work with. I am so grateful that I am able to call these kids my friends.  I have never been more proud of an event than I am of this one. As a dancer of 18 years and participant in pageants for 4,  I understand how much fun it is to perform. Especially in the Marriott center to over 3,300 students. The rush, the adrenaline, and the thrill of those few moments before the light and music starts is something you never forget. Performing is such a unique experience and I am so beyond happy I was able to provide this experience to students who never dreamed of this opportunity. 

No event will compare to Unforum because it was purely student created. From the amazing advertisement created by Carly Davis to the student videos created by Dan Hales, this event is truly one that was cultivated and celebrated by students here at BYU sharing and appreciating individuality and uniqueness. 


It was the absolute COOLEST feeling to be down on the floor, with the headset, and watch 3,300+ students file into the Unforum to watch the performance. I've never had the high of attendance at one of my events before!