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Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Following our stay in Hamilton we traveled to the holiday park for a short trip to Hot Water beach located in the Coromandel Peninsula. The drive through Coromandel Peninsula was beautiful and I know I say this a lot but really, New Zealand is gorgeous. I can't get over it.

Anyway, the holiday park we stayed at was awesome, it has so many fun side activities for you! The second we got there Megan and I played chess with the outdoor, life size version. And later that night all 22 of us from the group played games and jumped on the jumping pillow. The jumping pillow is basically a tramp attached to the ground that allows as many people on as possible.

The next morning we went to visit the Hot Water beach. If you go to the Hot Water beach during high tide or low tide and dig a whole in the sand, locals say that hot water will rise from the ground allowing you to create your own hot tub amidst the cool Pacific Ocean. Prior to going to the beach I was doubtful that we would be able to dig up any hot water. When we first arrived to the beach we all picked a spot on the beach and just started to dig without any luck. Soon a local invited the group to come and dig with him. With his help we were able to strike the spot! The water that would rise from the ground was scalding hot at times as it is heated by the nearby volcano. It honestly was such a pleasant surprise and turned out to be pretty fun digging up sand to create a pool full of hot water! I loved it!

Following our visit to the Hot Water beach we hiked to Cathedral Cove. The hike lead to this arch in the mountain that lines the beach. Again, the hike was beautiful!

After returning from morning on the beach we packed up all out things to head to Auckland! It is so sad to see New Zealand is almost coming to a close. I have absolutely fallen in love with New Zealand.


Auckland, New Zealand

Waitomo & Hamilton, New Zealand