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Katoomba, Australia

A few times on this trip I've been a little trigger happy with the camera. I take a million photos and videos. But at Katoomba I don't think I pulled out my camera once. Not because it wasn't beautiful. But because it was so beautiful I couldn't peel my eyes off the scenery! (and it was raining which might play a small factor in me not using my camera...)

However I think it is good to put down the lens every once in a while and truly savor an experience for what it is. Katoomba was exactly that.

Katoomba is located in the Blue Mountains of Australia. When we first arrived we jetted over to the Echo Point Visitor Centre to learn more about Australian tourism. We were able to go over to this beautiful lookout of the Three Sisters which is the beautiful mountain formation. Gorgeous! It started to rain so the girls and I hurried into The Yellow Deli that turned out to be the best meal to ever happen to me. Everything was homemade from scratch from Community members (think Amish).

The next day we ventured over to Scenic World. While there we were able to ride in a gondola, a railway tram, and hike a bit outdoors viewing the beautiful Three Sisters formation and other surrounding waterfalls. Again absolutely stunning even when we got completely caught in the rain! For dinner that night we went back to The Yellow Deli because it was just so dang good to pass up a second time.

We only spent two days in Katoomba but I loved every second of it! It totally had this Jackson Hole, WY feel to it. Plus it is "winter" there so it was nice to have a big breath of nice, crisp, cold air once again!


Please enjoy the two photos I took my entire time there

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