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Sydney, Australia - Part One

Sydney is so great it deserves multiple blog posts so here we go.

To start our hostel in Sydney is so nice! It is absolutely the best hostel I have ever stayed at, even out of any hostel I stayed at in Europe! It is so clean, and modern, and sophisticated. It's the Ritz.

We arrived at Sydney pretty late so our first night was dedicated to a wood fired pizza and a lazy night at the hostel. Out of pure respect for the country of Australia we felt it was our duty to spend our first night watching Finding Nemo as a group. Mostly we were all drained from traveling so much and needed a night off from walking around.

The next day was when the adventures began. We started the morning off with a 5 mile run through Hyde Park, the Royal Botanical Gardens and down to see the Sydney Opera House for our first time! I'm really not that much of a runner. But whenever I leave the states and travel abroad I turn into this great runner who can go for miles. Weird... Our first big thing of the day was a group tour at the Sydney Olympic Park. As a group we were able to tour the ANZ stadium, the athletic training centre and the olympic aquatic center. The tour was actually pretty neat and I loved learning more about how they run the facilities today even after the Sydney olympics back in 2000. Following the olympic park visit we ventured over to Darling Harbour where we were finally able to scout out some Mexican food. For some reason that is all I have been craving. We spent the rest of the evening at the Darling Harbour before trekking home for the night.

The next morning was absolutely perfect. A few of the girls and I signed up for a yoga class on the observation deck of the Sydney Sky Tower. The views were absolutely breathtaking and the fact that I was able to get my namaste on made it all the better. Really guys, this was a pretty cool experience. It was totally my thing and I soaked up every second of it.

The early afternoon was all about walking through St. Mary's cathedral, Hyde Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens down Farm Cove to get a great view of the Sydney Opera House. After grabbing a quick bite at the Sydney Opera House Kitchen on the concourse we were able to attend a tour of the opera house as a group. Naturally our tour guides name was Bruce (Hi Bruce!). Bruce was so great and so knowledgable. Who knew that the opera house was made out of tiles? Yes, tiles like what you use to panel your bathroom shower! Crazy huh! I was totally geeking out at the opera house and this made me even more excited for my upcoming job at Tuacahn Amphitheatre!

After the opera house tour the girls and I grabbed some bikes to explore the rest of the city. We rode through The Rocks (so artsy and so in love with this area), and then over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We explored the north area of Sydney before we caught a ferry back to central Sydney. I love riding bikes, it is such a great way to explore a city while being able to travel further and longer. We ended the night with a quick dinner at Westfield Centre and then back at the hostel getting ready for the Blue Mountains.

I really love Sydney guys. It is like a quainter version of London! I can't wait to continue to explore this beautiful Sydney!


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