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Sydney, Australia - Part Two

Okay. Sydney round two.

After Katoomba we came back to Sydney for one short day before heading off to Cairns. Madison and I took advantage of this day to knock a few things off of our to-do list. To start we both did a bit of shopping together before we ventured off to the aquarium. The aquarium here in Sydney was quite incredible - it had four shark tunnels! Loads of opportunities for some great shark selfies, which is exactly what happened.  They also had a huge manatee area which made my 6th grade heart happy (I did my 6th grade report on the endangered manatees for some odd reason).

After looking at a million different types of tropical fish, Madison and I headed off to lunch (Mexican food again!) and then out to explore the city. We stumbled upon Angel Place, a small alley way where a couple hundred bird cages are hung over the street! I have seen a few pictures of Angel Place and dreamed of walking down the alley but never thought I would be able to! It is such a charming street to say the least.


Cairns, Australia

Katoomba, Australia