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Sydney, Australia - Round Three

Sydney, Sydney, Sydney.

I thought I loved my time earlier spent in Sydney but this last day in Sydney was beyond perfect. For real guys I know I keep saying that but the trip just keeps getting better.

Okay so last day in Sydney. Originally we were suppose to have one last business visit however that fell through at the last moment which means we suddenly had a full free day to ourselves before boarding our plane to come home.

Up till this point most of my time in Sydney had been spent exploring the city. For my last day I wanted to get out and do something in Sydney I hadn’t done before. For that reason Madison and I decided we wanted to head out to Bondi Beach for the day. We left early in the morning and made the trek out. We spent the morning reading, listening to music, and laying out in the sun while we watched surfers catch some early morning waves. Later in the afternoon a few more from the group joined us. All the girls and I enjoyed taking some last photos on the beach to document the friendships and bonds created. Once Ed and Sloane arrived I jumped into the water with them to learn how to surf. Ed and Sloane were so supportive and such great teachers! I mean I’m a pretty dang good snowboarded and I love to wake surf but the waves at Bondi Beach were HUGE and I was slightly intimated and nervous to say the least. However Ed and Sloane were so patient. Because of them I am proud to say that I stood up and was able to successfully ride a wave in! AH, it was such a thrill! I loved every second and am totally hooked.

After a good day on the beach the group headed over to Circular Quay for a jet boat ride we signed up for. All of us hoped in the speed boat and went on a crazy ride about the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge. The jet boat was fun making tight spins and nose diving into the water.

After the jet boat ride, Madison, Ed, and I walked around the harbour, spent a few seconds in the Contemporary Art Museum and then headed over to Darling Harbour for dinner. We had decided to eat together as a group at the Hardrock Café.

Currently in Sydney there is a light show happening called Vivid. The light show is all these computerized light projections on all the buildings downtown. The lights are synchronized with water, fire and music. During dinner we were able to enjoy the light and water show at Darling Harbour on the balcony of Hardrock Café.

After dinner we headed back over to Circular Quay so that we could watch the light show projected onto the opera house.

The light show was insane. It blows my mind the different forms of art there are, the beautiful colors projected from the lights were stunning. I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. 

And to end a great day, we all went home after the light show and packed! Exciting right?

Sydney round three was by far the best. And during the final moments we were together on the harbour seeing the lights I may or may not have gotten a bit teary eyed during our group hug.

But we will save those feelings for a final wrap up post later. For now I have a plane to catch!


Sorry for the photo overload but #dontcare.
Oh! Also, Madison and I ran into original Banksy artwork while on our way to Bondi Beach! We were pretty excited to stumble upon such a gem.

The End All

Cairns, Australia