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Waitomo & Hamilton, New Zealand

The night we arrived to the holiday park in Waitomo was the night I was finally able to wash my "Fiji clothes" that have been locked up in my backpack. Lets just say it took an entire bottle of detergent to get everything smelling somewhat okay. The best part? Jumping on the tramp while waiting for my clothes to dry.

The next morning in Waitomo I went running with the girls. We stumbled upon this beautiful lookout over the valley. It was gorgeous view looking over the hills and valley decorated with a stream and beautiful foliage. After the run Ning and I did a bit of yoga together. I'm no yoga instructor (yet) but it was great to stretch out again! A complete and total reminder that I need to get my butt to a dance class or yoga class asap. Following our morning workout the group got together to participate in a cave tour with the Black Water Rafting Co. at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

Everyone knows what the Waitomo Glowworm Caves are because if you have a Pinterest account you have probably seen the photo above floating around. Well folks, that is the exact glowworm cave that I floated on a tube through! And yes, it was breathtaking.

For the tour we dressed up in complete water wet suits and hiking shoes. We entered the cave at it's opening and hiked, swam, and floated on inner tubes for 3 hours through the cave exploring and seeing the glowworms. The cave was incredible. The tour was such a unique experience, it is one that I will never forget. Something I learned about the caves is that the light does not actually come from a glowworm. Instead it is the shiny poop from cave maggots but they use the term "glowworm" for marketing purposes obviously.

After the glowworm cave tour we jumped in the vans to jet over to Hamilton to get to the temple. I didnt realize how much I had been needing the temple until we reached the temple grounds. Being able to do baptisms at the temple was exactly what my spirit had been needing. The temple is such a place of peace and comfort. Even a million miles away the feelings I have for the temple remain.

That night Madison and I had the BEST meal I have ever had international at The Flying Burrito Brothers. If you ever happen to be anywhere in New Zealand you have to drive here and eat here because it is bomb. We had queso and a beef burrito and even chocolate cake. I never order dessert but this place was just too good to not be a sucker for their dessert menu. Madison and I still talk about how good that meal was even a few days later. To further my accreditation of how good this restaurant is, Madison and I ran into about 18 LDS young single adults out to dinner there for a birthday celebration. Turns out the church is really strong and has a great young single adults scene in Hamilton. It was really fun to run into so many members our age!


I finally watched Meet the Mormons while at the temple visitor center. It is a MUST see. Wow!

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand