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Woah. What is this?
A "things" photo like you see on other blogs?

You've got it. I am officially learning the beauty of design softwares like illustrator and  behold, my first creation!

Kinda amateur, I know. BUT, lets talk about this creation. These are a few of my summer favorites that bring a little ray of happiness into my day.

First of all, I absolutely love my pair of circle sunnies. Mine have a gold rim but I think the white rim is pretty dang cute.

Second of all Yes Please! I am currently reading this book by Amy Poehler and it is a great summer read. Honestly, half the time I'm laughing out loud and the other half I'm marking the pages up with inspirational ish Amy says.

Next, my mom totally surprised me with this new Rifle Paper Co. phone case for the summer. And I absolutely adore it. It has a two layer protection so it keeps my iPhone extra safe and cozy.

Okay guys. This lipstick shade is a MUST. Yes I agree it looks a bit intimidating but let me tell you that you feel insta fierce when you put it on. It's the perfect "I-look-glamorous-but-I-didn't-really-try" shade.

I'm convinced they wear Birkenstocks in Heaven. Enough said.

And finally, my Volcano candle by Capri Blue. These suckers are pricey for candles but they make your room smell like Anthropology and I totally dig that.


Thanks for taking a second to appreciate my first, successful design creation. You're true friends guys.

Remember how there was this social media trend going around on Twitter with the "The Starter Packs". Well a friend of mine created one for "The Provo Basic Starter Pack" and it blew up like wildfire. Basically what I want to tell you is that half of my favorites listed above have been seen on this starter pack and I full fledge own up to that. No shame baby, that Volcano candle smells good.