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It has officially been a little more than one week since I have started my first big girl job. And I figured that meant it was due time for me to give an update on my life since my travels abroad have ended thus bringing the brick wall of reality I have deemed as...
Chapter Three.
So we all have these chapters in our life. Cliché right? Ya, well I'm all about it so deal. Lots of people like to think that every year of their life is a new chapter. And if that works for them then cool. They've got an average of 81 chapters in their novel and wow thats a lot.

I like to divide my chapters of life into segments, more of chunks of my life. And at the age of 21, I feel I have just started the third chapter of my life. Chapter three.

Just to briefly catch you up on chapters one and two... Well chapter one can easily be summed up in two words: Idaho Falls. Ya this is my time I spent in Idaho Falls from negative age 9 months baking in my mom's belly to high school graduation and my 18th birthday leaving for college. Chapter one was learning to walk, saying mama, learning my lefts from rights. Chapter one included my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and my first time sneaking out. Chapter one holds lots of firsts. You get the picture, you've been there too... moving on.

Chapter two. Chapter two was the chunk of my life I spent in Provo. Chapter two was definitely not as long as chapter one (4 years compared to 18) but by golly just as influential. Chapter two included a second round of braces, a job at Ivie Juice Bar with my best friend, traveling the world, graduating from BYU and loads of sweet potato fries from Guru's Cafe on Center Street. You can read about chapter two in detail here.

So with my families big move from Idaho Falls to St. George, as well as my own move from Provo to St. George, we have officially arrived at chapter three. Quick side note: Yes, I moved to St. George WITH my parents because first step graduation and second step moving back in with the parents, am I right?

But in all reality, I just happened to get a sick job at Tuacahn so it just kinda worked out.

Back to chapter three. Chapter three is as nerve wracking as it gets. Because this chapter is kinda weird in the sense that I feel like I'm starting a whole new novel, an entirely new series to be honest. But lets not get dramatic here, chapter three is just one of those real monumental chapters in my life book. Like that one chapter in that one Harry Potter book where Harry dies and then suddenly is alive again 20 pages later.

I guess I just recognize that this moment of my life ahead of me is truly going to change the rest of my life, and that is a scary scary thought. And when I start to think about what chapter three hopefully entails (marriage, grad school, more big girl jobs, etc.) I start to get slightly (and by slightly I mean extremely) overwhelmed.

Because before I can even start to think about tackling chapter three, there is a list of to-do items I should probably start to work on.

For example:
  • I should probably start sorting through my closet finally dejunking all those half tees I keep saving for that one special night my girls and I finally decide to go 80s dancing again at Area 51 in Salt Lake City
  • I should probably stop using my passport as a coaster for my water bottle on my nightstand
  • I should probably start to unpack boxes instead of just sticking my hand into a box and playing "Go Fish" when attempting to find something to wear
  • I should probably wash all my Fiji clothes (i.e. Fiji clothes are the clothes I wore in Fiji that REEK. Like you don't understand, one whiff of these suckers and you'll pass out cold. It's going to take multiple washes and buckets of detergent)
  • I should probably stop wasting my time reading lame articles on thoughtcatalog.com and buy one of those GRE prep course books

But in case your wondering. Here is a recap of my first week at Tuacahn.
Monday: I got a $50 weekly raise. Legit stoked about this one.
Tuesday: I got a desk, a name badge, AND the cool kids invited me to eat lunch with them. 
Wednesday: I got a free salad from Costa Vida (had to eat alone though...), but I did score free tickets to our opening night show.
Thursday: The CEO of Tuacahn said hi to me and totally laughed at one of my jokes. Oh, and the cool kids invited me to eat lunch with them again. 
Friday: I got like a bunch of free tickets to a million Tuacahn shows. Holla!

Great. I had a great first week with loads of perks! Now #realtalk time.
Originally it was hard for me to want to move to St. George. I fought it.

Because I wanted New York.

And sometimes I feel like a slight failure because New York didn't work out. (Again this is #realtalk time so all judgments are welcome to leave the party).

But in the end I was fighting against what I knew was right for me. I knew it all along. I didnt want to admit it. I feel like God answers my prayers in a very interesting way. When something isn't right for me, he makes it very very clear by not even giving me a taste of it. Probably the best example is last year at Miss Idaho Falls. You can read all about that here if you want... But with Miss Idaho Falls, I was so prepared and qualified to be a titleholder again. But I didn't win the title, nor did I even place as a runner up. And to this day I still have people questioning how that all happened and asking me to compete again. But I am happy with the outcome. It feels right even to this day.

To me, it was a silent but strong answer that this was no longer the path I was suppose to embark on with my life. And because the answer was so clear to me, I trusted it.

New York is the same way. I submitted about 30 applications to a variety of organizations in New York. And I felt so qualified. I still do! I have gained experience with 3 internships under my belt in addition to two years of planning big events for BYUSA. And now I am officially a college graduate! *silently patting myself on the back again for passing those freaking accounting classes*

So after submitting so many applications it was discouraging to not hear back from a single organization in New York. But what I did hear back from where the 5 applications I randomly submitted to organizations like the Children's Museum in Chicago and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

To me this was an answer of "not yet." At first it was hard to accept. But I can't help but feel that God is truly guiding my life. I am giving him full reigns of chapter three. I've got an awesome job at an arts center I love, I have the chance to ground myself with my family once again, I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world and I've got a sweet boy I love.

So far I'd say He is doing a pretty darn good job.


Kissed Idaho Falls goodbye the other day. Bittersweet for sure.

The snow cone photo really has nothing to do with this post. Other than once upon a time I used to work in a sno shack and eat sno cones every day. Now I don't work in a sno shack and I still eat sno cones everyday.


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