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So I've taken a little bit of a blogging hiatus. What it comes down to is I needed a break. Because when you go from blogging every single other day about all these exotic things you are doing in foreign countries to a mundane schedule you kinda feel like you don't have much to offer. 

But, I could never go without writing about my best friend's wedding. So here we go folks. 

Kathy former-Collette /now-Kalougata was legit the first friend I made coming into this world. In fact we were friends before we were in born, it was an in the womb type of friendship thing. When our moms were pregnant with us they would talk for hours about how we would be best friends. Little did they know we would end up being sisters. 

My childhood memories are packed with Kathy appearances. She was there when I fell off my bike and into the sidewalk gutter for the first time, she was there to grace through the awkward pre-teen stages of braces with me, she was there when the only thing I would listen to was The Black Eyed Pea's Where is the Love?, and she was there when I thought wet hair pulled straight into two pigtail braids was "super cute."

Kathy's big wedding day was something I have always looked forward too. I mean she is the first of my immediate girlfriends to get hitched and boy, do I look up to her. She is one of the most selfless, Christ-like woman out there with an insane amount of personal strength, wisdom and perspective. Kathy has always inspired me to be better and to live better. And don't even get me started on Kathy's sense of humor! Needless to say her nickname between us isn't Fat-Dawg USA for any old reason (inside joke... you had to be there moment)!

Kathy's wedding day was absolutely perfect and I am confident I haven't seen a bride as beautiful as Kathy that day. I am so honored to have been one of Kathy's bridesmaid and share this special moment with her. One of my most favorite moments from Kathy's wedding occurred during the reception. Kathy and I were standing by each other laughing our heads off about something stupid (I don't remember what we were laughing about but I am 97% sure it regarded something relatively insignificant - I mean we are pretty lighthearted gals). But as we were standing there together our moms (also best friends) walked up the stairs from the courtyard to the patio. When they reached the top both mothers saw us together and started to cry. And in that moment they grabbed each others hands and said over and over again "I can't believe we raised them"

It was truly a special moment and a memory I will always hold close to my heart. 

So to Kathy, I love ya like a fat-dawg loves USA. You are not only a best friend but you are my sister! I am so beyond excited for you and Meke and I can't wait to be auntie Kyla to all your cute  wittle Fijian babies. So hurry up and have some!


The Black Eyed Pea's Where is the Love? may or may not still be one of my favorite songs, it just really hits home ya know?