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I have had several girls come up to me and ask me "Do you have a blog?".
I used to laugh at that question. I mean seriously guys, me as a blogger? That's what girls do when they get married along with cutting their hair off.

But the thing is I have always had a blog. Mostly it was a pageant blog and I never took it that seriously.  All of my life I have been a huge documenter. In fact it is what I was known for in high school. I was never caught dead without my camera and I was even elected as the Student Body Historian. Even though I have had a blog sitting here the entire time, I never considered myself a blogger. Plus if I tried to keep an updated blog, what would I blog about? No one is that interested in other people's lives and I already keep a personal journal.

But here I am. And to answer the questions I have been asked. Yes, I guess I do have a blog now.

The official birth of this blog stemmed from a conversation I had with my best friend Madie Stone. I would recommend getting acquainted with Madie because she is a pretty rad chick. Anyway, we were talking about how we should better document and market ourselves as individuals. Blogging is one way we thought was a good, creative outlet.

The funny thing is that this conversation happened right as a few exciting things became official in my life. I was preparing to go on my study abroad, signed to live at a house with eight of the most beautiful, amazing friends a girl could have, was starting my senior year of college, just secured the spot of Executive Director of Activities in BYUSA and had turned the famous age of twenty-one.

I guess I saw this as a great opportunity to start what I'd actually been wanting to do all along.
So here we go. This is a documentation of Mikyla Marie during her life as a twenty something.



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